Vacation mode…

I’m in vacation mode haha, sorry for the bad update ! Working and then we had our vacation. The Internet connection was bad but now I’m back hihi.

Do you remember, sweetest Melissa with the great Kiss & Make-Up Beauty Blog and that she hosted a giveaway for Nordic Beauty ?!  What you could win was the VINYLUX™ Flirtation collection in Pinkies – and the Lucky winner was Evelien !!! Congratulations Evelien, your package is on the way. Enjoy your weekly nail polishes ❤️.

I really feel like time is flying. The summer is almost gone, but it feels like it just started. Am I the only one feeling this way?

So we had a small vacation, it’s actually not over yet but I’m also working a little bit.
So what did we do? We went to the Ardennen. I find it so beautiful there. Belgium is a beautiful country and you have a bit of everything here: beautiful cities, the sea, beautiful nature and many more.

We rested good, but also walked a lot.
We visited thè Reinhardstein Chateau. I really enjoyed it. It was with a guide, and the nature around it was fantastic.


We also went to Luxemburg! On the way to Luxemburg we passed 2 more castles. I was really impressed by the Vianden Chateau. I’m so impressed by its history and the architecture. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to live at those times. The only thing that was missing was a guide, I must confess.


We were lucky that it was not raining a lot, some sun would have been nicer even though. The Bourscheid Chateau was a ruin. Super nice view, but not really my thing. I prefer seeing something, instead of imagining it. They had a museum but it was closed. They didn’t know till when and that was a bit sad – maybe the museum could make it more fun, but Enfin.


Such a beautiful view from the Boursheid Chateau!

On our way to Luxembourg, I was not so impressed but when we came to the Center I changed my mind. I just loved it! What I like about cities is the “old” architecture and especially when they keep it so nice. Unfortunately we came there too late and all the stores were closing. Maybe that was the best in the end, but I definitely want to go back for a shopping weekend hahahaha.

So Wednesday 17th we got an email that “We made it and I’m now officially a CND™ Education Ambassador for Belgium/Benelux”! I’m still floating on fluffy clouds of happiness. I’m extremely happy for us and so proud that we made it. The only thing that was a bit sad was that we were not together when we got the message, but when Jolanda comes home from her vacation we will celebrate it for sure. I will soon make a post about the CND™ International Bootcamp and tell you everything about it. 😉

How was your vacation, what did you do?!

Till next time, XoXo Ivana 


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