CND™ International BootCamp

I have been waiting to tell you all about the CND™ International Bootcamp 2016.

I think it was around this period last year that I met Dionne for the first time. Dionne works for BeautyXL which is the Official CND™ importer/distributor for BENELUX. We talked for a while and she told me that they ware looking for a CND™ Education Ambassador in Belgium. So I sended my CV to them, went on a interview and here we are today. I couldn’t be happier and more thankful that I got this chance. This is really a dream coming true for me.

To give you a bit of background. When I lived in Sweden, I worked in Stockholm in a nailshop/salon. The owner was a CND™ distributor and she also had a small school. So I was supposed to do it then. But there were a lot of changes and to make the story short, it never happend.

So now when I got this chance it felt like I was dreaming, until I came to the Bootcamp. I got so overwhelmed and then I actually realised that it was for real, strange but true.

13th of June, we met up in Amsterdam for the CND™ International Bootcamp. Amsterdam is my favorite city in the whole world. I was so happy. Three girls from the Netherlands and then me from Belgium. The whole room was full of woman from around the whole world, excited with the same passion for CND™.


Everything was so well organised. The educators and the classes ware fantastic. I always loved CND™ and they made me love it even more. One of the big reasons why I love CND™ is that they are science based. I find that really important. I always try to choice brands that are focusing on one thing. For me that means that they always want and will deliver the best products.


Early mornings and late nights. The days were long, but super fun. We ware divided in groups, named after a colour from the Craft Culture Collection. I was then in team Oxblood. Worlds best Debbie was our mentor and here we are:


First lady is Margret from Poland. Then we have me. In the middle Debbie. Fourth is Simone from Trinidad & Tobago and last but not least Hanh from Vietnam.

I don’t know why but the first three days i had really big problems with sleaping. And as  I wrote in the introduction, I have dyslexia. That’s also one reason why you will see a lot of misstakes in the blog. My brain dose not work as “normal”. I’m like a sponge and I take in all the information I get, focusing more then 1000% and that do make me really tired. There was no time to rest, so day seven my head was exploding hahaha. With that, things ware not going as it should. I got lucky and got a second chance. I redid it and it went better then i could hope for! So I’m now officially a CND™ Education Ambassador. Yeeeeey !!! ?

CND™ International Bootcamp was A W E S O M E !!! I met so much nice people. This experience was fantastic and it’s just a start. I learned so much in every aspect. I can’t explain with words how happy I feel. I can’t wait to start educating and share my passion.

Do you have a big dream or did your big dream come true?

To celebrate this I decided to have good offers on a lot of products and as the cherry on the cake, we will have a give away. If you buy products for more then 30€ you will have the chance to win a SHELLAC™ Treatment. The offer will be till the 30th of Sep and then we will chooce the lucky winner.

Thank you for reading and checking the blog. XoXo Ivana

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