California Tan SPF

Hi everyone! New week, new possibilities. I wanted to share my experience with California Tan SPF with you.

It was maby three of four years ago that I was on a event and we got a California Tan SPF in our goodiebag. It smelled fantastic, very easy to apply and I was sold right away. I started to research about them and when I opened my nail studio I decided that I wanted to sell California Tan. It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of American products, hahaha.

But unfortunately the reseller that distributed them, stopped with the California Tan SPF. They said that the product had some kind of ingredient that was not approved in Europe. I was a bit dissapointed and when I want something I just can’t let it go. So I contacted California Tan in the US and they told me that they had a line for the European market and I got in contact with the Belgium distrubitor. So we now have it in the nail studio, yeeeeey !!!

My first question to the Belgium distrubitor was, – Do they smell the same?! The said yes ofc but that’s not true. The smell is okej. You can’t ofc argue about taste but in my appinion it’s not minde blowing but it’s not bad either. The smell is very neutral. When you applie the product it becomes white but it goes in to the skin by it self very fast, so that’s easy. California Tan SPF comes in SPF 10, 20 and 30. I did not have much time for tanning this year so I’m really Casper white hahaha. But this week I was a bit in the sun and I used the California Tan SPF and surprisingly this is the first time that I didn’t get burned which makes me very happy ?.


My favoriete product in this line is definitely the California Tan Dark tan oil spray. I really love the smell. It has a coconut fregrance and for me that’s really summer. The product dose not contain a SPF so you really need to be carfull. First use a product with SPF and then the California Tan Dark tan oil spray over. Your tan really becomes deeper and stays longer.

California Tan SPF Stands for to get a deep, golden glow. The collection is exclusive sun care formulated with the highest regard for health, environment and with distinct blend of antioxidants, skin conditions and sun protectors to preserve your youthful, radiant appearance. They are:

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Water Resistant
  • Paraben Free

You can also see on the picture above that they have a Lip Care with SPF 25. It doesn’t smell or taste anything special but it’s really important not to forget about your lips with high UV. High UV can induce herpes.

A conclusion: I find the American line from California Tan SPF better, but only because of the smell. This line is good but a bit disappointed because of the fregrance.

What is thought really important is that when you choice a SPF line that you choice creams and not sprays, they are really bad for the environment. When using the sprays and when spraying them, a lot of the product goes in to the air which is not good and I find that important.

Do you have a favorite SPF line?!

XoXo Ivana

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