Hellooo, long time no see. 😉 Last week was really busy. Working and then on Thursday I went to Sweden, for four days. I thought I would blog from there but there was no time. Super, super busy and it was so nice. I really needed it, now my battery is loaded for the fall even though I’m still having summer, hahaha the summer went so fast and I can’t really accept that.

I have so much I want to tell but I don’t know where to start, haha. I was working to late on Wednesday, was still not done with packing so it was late when I got in bed. That’s really bad for me but I really hate packing. Am I the only one?! So on Thursday I had to get up early and when I was checking in I was not so happy at SAS. I booked my ticket in the same way as I have been doing these two and a half years but clearly they have changed some travelling conditions,what I missed and that finally costed me more then the trip itself. Not fun but I decided to put that behind and enjoy my trip.

When I arrived in Stockholm, my mom was waiting for me. I was so happy to see her. Later we went to visit our family and it was super fun. Can’t explain how much I missed them. We talked for hours. Their kids came and they are not kids anymore. Time is flying and that’s really confronting hahahaha #ForeverYoung ;-P .

On Friday I had a date with my dear friend and hairdresser, Anna. Now this is something I really but really look forward to tell you about. But I will blog about it later. It was such a long time I saw here but it was like we never were apart. Had the best time And I really, really enjoyed it. As the cherry on the cake my hair looks perfect! Anna is the best. If you live in the area of Stockholm or don’t mind to travel for the best as me, Salong Guldkammen salon is where you want to be.

Saturday we went to a SPA called Yasuragi Hasseludden . The breakfast was sooo good! We had a really nice time, so nice that we talked and enjoyed so much that we missed the sessions haha. We ate lunch and at 16.00 we had to be done. Thank you Duša for this fantastic day and time! 


Later that evening I was invited to a dear friend of mine, Christine. We had a wine and cheese evening. Chriss made it so nice as always and she surprised me with a Swedish princess cake as congratulations for the EA ship ?.  I was really touched and we had a fantastic evening. Thank you dear!


Sunday was hard, time for packing. Speeded it with my mom and my dear friend Azadeh came and gave me a hug. Time went too fast. It was short but very, very sweet. This was really the best end of my vacation. A lot of fun stuff to look forward to and i feel like planning my next trip to Sweden really soon.

From one thing to another, I made a collage with four nail pictures that I think was the nicest that I made this August.


What nails do you find the nicest ?!

Thank you for reading the blog! XoXo Ivana

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