Salong GuldKammen

I have been looking forward to tell you all about Salong GuldKammen .


One thing that I really, really miss from Sweden is My dear friend and hairdresser Anna.  Anna owns the Salong GuldKammen. Salong = salon and GuldKammen = golden scissor. Ofcourse I miss my family and friends but you will get where I want to come with this.

I’m really trying not to compair Belgium and Sweden, but to be honest that’s really hard not to do. My hair is holy to me. I have been a client at Salong GuldKammen for years and when I started to travel less to home I decided to try to live my life here and I really wanted to become a good client to someone here. I was very hard tough because I always compared them to what I was used to. After that one salon ruined my hair I decided not to compromise anymore.

So this time when I went home I booked an appointment. I was so exited to see Anna and the girls that works there. So when I arrived it was like we never were apart. I was so happy to be there! Anna asked me, what are we doing? I just told here, – you can do what ever you want to. She was looking at me with a smile and said, – I thought this and that. So I said: -Sure do what you want to and she did her magic.

The thing with Anna is that she’s so inspiring. She really loves her work and you see the passion in her eyes. Actually from all of the girls that works there. They go on several updates every year. They are members of ClubRoyal. They really put effort to get to know there clients and deliver premium custom service! You always feel welcome there!


 And therefor I could say, – Do what you want to. And the result, was exactly what I wanted and as always i went home feeling like a princess . I was so exited that I forgot to take picrures from the beautiful salon. They renovated it this summer and the first feeling that I got when I came in was, – I want to move in here hahaha. Really! The massage chairs are awesome !!! And this was the result:


Anna and me, I think that smile says more then 1000.000 words hahaha. Sorry for the ‘no makeup’. I felt like a billion dollars tough so I don’t care hahahaha. As I wrote,  Anna is so inspiring and if I will be half as a good entrepreneur as Anna, I will be the happiest.

If you live in the Stockholm area, north of Stockholm. This is really the place where you want to be. My self will from now always travel to Sweden when I need to do my hair.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a nice evening !!!

XoXo Ivana

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