Fake ?!

What dose Fake mean  ?!

This is something that I have been thinking about a lot the last days. I think we can associate fake in two ways. But do we all see it in different ways is my question?!

This is what Fake is for me:

When I went to the convention in Utrecht I saw a small stand with “gelpolish” called CCO. This is a brand that has been popping up on my Facebook now and then. But seeing it in real life made it really confronting. They called them selfs CCO Shellac. There bottles, everything , looked  the same as CND™ SHELLAC™. I was standing there and I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I searched for them and I found this two pics.


Seeing this pictures, I’m thinking like couldn’t they decide what look to go for, to copy Gelish or CND™ SHELLAC™ ??. This is for me really sad, but really sad. Or to give another example, like if copy designers and their brands. That’s to me fake, big time! So why do people copy others ?! I’m not talking about being or getting inspired, what I mean is to take the whole concept from someone. I really don’t get that. And what I also don’t get is why people are buying fake?! But that’s another matter that I don’t have to understand 😀 .

The other way of seeing Fake is with looks:

I often hear – Do you have fake nails ?! That makes my stomach turn hahahaha ?. Or when people say that you can fill your lips with Botox wich is a neurotoxin. And at those occasions I wonder if we live in 2016 or under a rock ?! Hahahaha

This is also something that I have been thinking of. To give the same example with the nails. If someone have nail polish on their nails, no one will ask if they have fake nails. But if someome have for ex gel on the nails then it’s okej to ask the question, if the nails are fake or not ?! That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Or when we color our hair. Is that then Fake?! The list can become so long. We can do so much with our looks but I think you get where I want to come.

I totally don’t see anything that have to do with beauty as fake.

So I don’t find anything wrong with improving yourself and your looks. There is nothing Fake with that at all.

If you care about looks, good for you. If you don’t, good for you 🙂 . Just do what ever makes you feel good and what ever makes you feel happy.

We (woman) overthink things in general. We should not care what other people think and try to not compair yourself to other people. You are the head actor in your life and you are starring in your own movie, so it’s all about you! Chose to be happy ! Respect others and mind your own business without judging. It will make everyone much happier.

I’m not saying I’m right or wrong but this is what Fake means to me, true my glasses.

So the big question is what does Fake mean to you ?!

Do you agree with me or do you think I’m wrong ?! 🙂

I’m very curious. Hihi


XoXo Ivana

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