Last Monday

Hi Everyone, last Monday we had a EA meeting and training. I had so much to do this week and as the cherry on top of the ice cream I got sick but here comes a update from the week. ?

So last Monday was a w e s o m e. The day started with taking pictures of the team at BeautyXL. I’m super curious to see them. Then we had the meeting and we got our EA certificate, yeeeeeey. So happy, i wanted to hug it hahaha. The meeting went on and then we had a training. The training was about, how to see and judge perfect French nails in a CND™ way. Was super fun.


Find two faults ?! ?


Then I had some clients but I was also preparing for the CND™ salon Dag. This time I was at Oro nails. Was really easy since it’s so close to me. I love the CND™ Salon dag. It’s a event that CND™ BENELUX / BeautyXL organised with all the distrubitors. It’s really fun for all the CND™ Lovers. We gave a small version of the seasonal trend class with the STARSTRUCK collection and then a social media training. I met really nice people and the day went really fast.

So this was a super short post, but what is to come:

A third nail philosophy and a review of a new product that we got for natural nails. Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

What’s your plans for the weekend?! Have a lovely one !! 

Till next time! XoXo Ivana

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