Strong Christmas Vibes

Strong Christmas Vibes is all about, the Top 10 Christmas Gifts !


1. VOLUSPA ofcourse. VOLUSPA is always a perfect gift to give to someone. For all the reasons I mentioned 100 times before, or something like that hihi. They smell lovely, they look luxurious, are very beautiful and they burn very long. It’s a beautiful accessory to the home and makes your home smell amazing. Some people have it all and you just don’t know what to give. VOLUSPA is always appreciated and you can’t have enough of this candles.


2. SUDIO Sweden, BLUETOOTH EARPHONES. I while ago I read a blogpost from sweetest Naomi in wonderland. She wrote about this Bluetooth earphones, my first thought was: I want those and after reading that the brand is from Sweden I wanted them even more. Want to read about them, click HEREimage

3. VINYLUX™ Weekly Nailpolish. Perfect gift for all nailpolish lovers, 100+ colors to choose from. Week-long wear (Really!™), No Base coat, Self-adhering color coat, Durability increased with natural light, Fast drying (8,5min) and Two step application.


4. Skultuna Home, is also a Swedish brand and it’s definitely something for fashionistas that loves small or big details in their home. Skultuna has for over 400 years produced fine metal objects of the highest quality for both everyday use and for special occasions. “Always with that same sense of quality, function and design Skultuna today creates tomorrow’s antiques.” is a quote from their own website. They also have accessories for woman and men so have a look at their website.  


5. Dermalogica skin kit, they have 9 different skin kits (if I’m not wrong). This kits are perfect for two reasons. One, traveling and two, if you want to try a product to see if it fits you before you chose to buy the big packages. Dermalogica is a fantastic skin care brand, never tried them?! Find a store/spot where you live and get a skin analysis. Big recommender!


6. CND™ Scentsations & Lexington towels, both of them will make your bathroom look beautiful. The Scentsations smells and are fantastic in both lotions and wash. If you find the wash, grab it ! They are not for sale enymore from the distrubitors. The towels are not only beautiful, they deliver fantastic high quality.


7. L’oreal Pro|Fiber Kit, one of the best hair shampoos that I ever tried. I have tried the purple and the “new” blue one and it’s amazing. It saved my hair when it was breaking. So i can definitely recommend this product to everyone. If you live in the north of Stockholm, you can find it at Salong GuldKammen.


8. Desenio, has beautiful posters and poster quotes. They have so much and it fits a lot of styles. Really nice decoration on the walls in homes. Have a look at their website for more inspiration.


9. CND™ SHELLAC™ Manicure/Pedicure Gift Card with a removing kit, or why not both?! It’s perfect to spoil someone and to give them some nice “me time” in the salon. With the kit you give them something to open so it’s not just a gift card. But also, with the removing kit they don’t have to feel obligated to go back to the salon to continue with the SHELLAC™ treatment if they don’t want to. They can easily remove their SHELLAC™ by themself.


10. Kusmi Tea, last but not least. Kusmi Tea is the rolls royce of tea’s. The tea is really high quality and they come in super cute jar’s and kits. So this is a super nice gift for all tea lovers.


This was then the end of the Strong Christmas Vibes top 10 Christmas Gifts.

Would you like to get something from the top 10 list or

what do you wish for to get this Christmas ?! 

Have a lovely week!

XoXo Ivana


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