CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat was launched in January 2017!

I have been working with CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat for a while now and I started to try it on myself. I have been wearing gel enhancements for longer then I can remember. I’m also a very clumsy person and with having the strength from the gel on my nails I could afford to be clumsy. My nails are from nature also very flexible and thin and I tried SHELLAC™ several times before, but it was nothing for me.

So I decided to go for a try to see how good this “new” top coat actually is. And I’m beyond happy with it. For the first time in my life I can wear SHELLAC™ for 14 days+ and this became very handy because I don’t have the time at the moment to do the enhancements on my self. I have also seen a inproval on my clients. One other thing that I also find amazing is that CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat has such a beautiful shine !!!

So CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat is the most advanced top coat in the assortiment and it is designed to strengthen and protect nails against breakage and daily wear.


25% more protection to strengthen weak nails
14+ days of high performance wear
Mirror shine
No nail damage
CND’s most advanced top coat to strengthen and protect weak nails against breakage

In march was the Beauty Trade special in Utrecht. CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat won and was choosed to be the Professional Beauty Product of 2017 !!! Yeeeeeey, congratulations to BeautyXL and CND™. So well deserved, it is a fantastic product !!!

If you want to read more about CND™ SHELLAC™ ?! Then you can find it in here in English and in Dutch.

This is really a top product for almost everyone that couldn’t wear SCHELLAC™ before. I think that it’s definitely worth a try if you have flexible or thin nails.

Did you try the CND™ DURAFORCE™ Top Coat yet ?! Thank you for reading about it!

Have a lovely weekend and

XoXo Ivana 

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