CND™ Craft Culture Collection

CND™ Craft Culture Collection was launched 1 of July.


CND™ Craft Culture fall Collection is Authentic, Timeless and Unique. I’m in love with the colors.

I already worked a lot with the Denim Patch, it’s a beautiful jeans color. Oxblood is the darker red and it have a special place in my heart. I was in the Oxblood team at the CND™ Bootcamp and Patina Buckle is also one of my favorites, it’s really beautiful for layering.


First picture:

1, Two layers of Black Pool and one layer of Patina Buckle

2, Two layers of Pink Bikini and one layer of Patina Buckle

3, Two layers of Salmon Run and one layer of Patina Buckle

Second picture:

Patina Buckle is layered over 2 layers of Denim Patch.

CND™ Craft Culture Collection also comes in 8 beautiful VINYLUX™ colors.

The other colors are also amazing and I can’t wait till fall so we can enjoy them and they are a must have. But first let’s have a long beautiful summer. With less rain and more sun, *wishful thinking*. And of course we can enjoy them now too but the neon colors are going hot this summer.

What do you think about CND™ Craft Culture Collection?!

I wish you a Happy Friday and a great weekend!

XoXo Ivana

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