CND™ Starstruck Collection

Here it is, the beautiful CND™ Starstruck Collection.

Six super, super beautifull glitters. The pictures are not even fair, they are prettier  in real life. This is the Christmas collection and it’s fantastic for all kind of celebrations or just perfect for all glitter lovers hihi.


 CND™ Starstruck Collection is GlamorousRadiant, Show-stopping !

I had really beautifull pictures of nails that I made of this collection, unfortunately my phone crashed and all my photos are gone. Here is one though of Dark Diamonds.


I still can’t chooce a favorite from the CND™ Starstruck Collection. I really like them all. It’s elegant and classy. Some Swarovski crystals are nice to add but the colors are just perfect as they are and sometimes, less is more.

CND™ came out with fantastic videos and pictures of the collection. They really took it to the next level. I just love it !!! I’m so happy we got this collection. This was exactly what we needed!

Now we have to wait till Januari (I think) for the first collection of 2017. Really looking forward to that one, but first let’s enjoy the colors we just got and the CND™ Craft Culture collection . Perfect fall colors and I also have a lot of new glitter for the fall so there will be a lot to choose from. 

XoXo Ivana


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