Estetika Oct 2016

Estetika Oct 2016 was so much fun !!!

The thought that I would blog and update you from there was nice and I’m sorry that it never happened but I was to tired in the evening. So here comes the update from the weekend. 😉


The team in Brussels.

The conventions started Saturday and it was till Monday. The days ware long but the time went so fast. So much nice enthusiastic  people with the same passion for beauty. It was really fantastic.

You could find us at the Intermedi stand, at the demo bar. It was the first time that I met the girls and men from Intermedi. What a fantastic team and their stand /shop was as great. 


The Intermedi team.

So let me introduce: Dionne, was my roomie for this weekend. I told you about her before. She was the one that found me hihi. Dionne works for the sales, BENELUX. Renate, is our Education manager for CND™. Last but not least Marielle and Bernice are also Education Ambassadors. They are sooo good and specalised in Decorations. It was and still is a pleasure working with these lovely lady’s.


Estetika Oct 2016 was my first time at the convention. I wanted to visit it before but it never happend. It was a big convention, much bigger then I thought. All about nails, beauty, makeup, skin care, lashes, competitions and much more. The only thing I missed was hair to be honest.

I also heard that NYX cosmetics had a stand there last year but unfortunately not this time. I would have love that. But it it’s what it is 😀 . There was no time for shopping but i did buy this stamper from Intermedi and I was lucky to grab the last one and then a few chrome glitters.


This stamper is brilliant, you can exactly see what your doing and where to place the decoration. I really recommend it if you are in to stamping and want a good stamper.

Another big surprise was to see Celina Rydén there. I don’t know here but I said Hello and it was really nice to speak Swedish. What a sweetheart, she was really super friendly!!

I’m still a bit tired and I miss the girls. Time goes fast when you have fun.


We need more EA’s in Belgium. So if you are a Nailtechnician and if you love CND™ send a email to Renate at for more information.

Have you ever been to Estetika? What is the best convention you ever been to?!

Thank you for reading about Estetika Oct 2016, have a lovely week!

XoXo Ivana

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