I hope that you all had a fantastic and cozy Christmas. I hope even more that the end of 2016 was great for you and that 2017 will be the best year so far.

2016 went so fast. I’m I the only one having that feeling ?! We are now in 2017 and I’m soooo looking forward to everything that this year are going to bring. It’s always nice with a new year and new opportunities. How ever I wish that all people stay healthy and the people that are sick get better !!! ❤️

So let’s get to business hihi 😉 . I’m seeing all the pictures from the new Wave Collection and I can’t, just can’t wait for us to get it. The colors are soooooo much nicer in real life and it tickles in my fingers to get them so that I can start working with them. I hope we won’t have  to wait more long now. But I’m really looking forward to the spring collection and some nice flashy colors.

Im really looking forward to 2017. Have so mutch fun stuff planed for this year. Not only the working part but also in my private life.

Lots of Peace and love. It’s time for working.

Till next time! XoXo Ivana

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