CND™ New Wave Collection

Here it is, the CND™ New Wave Collection and I’m so excited !!!

I want to start with showing you some pictures from CND™


and I just love them. I find them so beautiful !! Do you?!

So let’s get back to the CND™ New Wave Collection,

image image

This are the colors and they are high octane and Retro futurist. They come in six CND™ SHELLAC™ and six VINYLUX™ Colors.

The names of the colors are: Pink Leggings, Banana Clips, Video Violet, Blue Eyeshadow, Ecstasy and Jelly Bracelet.

Im always happy when we get a new collection. But this time I’m a bit more excited. CND™ New Wave Collection is the spring collection and  it’s  sooooo beautiful. The colors are super good pigmented and I find them nice on the pictures but they are much nicer in real life. I’m pretty sure they will be a big hit this spring and summer. I can’t  choose a favorite. I find them all super beautiful haha.


The picture on the color-pops is not the best. The colors dose not come to their right. But I guess it’s better then nothing, right?! Can you choose a favorite ?!

To be honest, I’m a bit tired of all the “dark winter colors” so I’m really looking forward to start working whit this beauties. So in my appinion 2017 started really good and even though we just got this collection and I’m sure my clients and me will enjoy them, but I’m also looking forward to the coming collections 😉 .

What do you think of the CND™ New Wave Collection?! 

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