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How to reuse your Voluspa jars !

I have done two posts about Voluspa before. If you missed them out, then you can read them HERE and HERE.

Voluspa candles are not just a beautiful way to decorate your home with. The candles smell amazing. They come in beautiful and very decorative jars. It’s just high quality in every way. A perfect gift to give to someone. Or why not treat yourself and make your own home more beautiful?!

So a while ago Voluspa made a post about – How to repurpose the Voluspa jars. I shared it on Facebook but for the ones who missed that, here it is again.

So click HERE, if you are interested in getting some inspiration. If you click HERE, then you can get help with – How to remove the leftovers from the wax. I ‘ve also seen some comments that a lot of people put there Voluspa jars in the freezer to remove the wax easier but I never tried that myself.

I love everything about Voluspa, the wax, the seances, the jars. Wel as I wrote everything and since I find the jars so beautiful I really love that you can be creative and reuse your jars for what ever purpose you want.

Not only for flowers but also for candy, make up, make up accessories, jewellery, pens, coins. Well you name it. It’s only the imagination that can put a stop for the creativity. 🙂

I hope you got some inspiration of how to reuse you Voluspa jars. Please share if you have a beautiful creation of your jars. I will also definitely do that. The only thing is that I have so many of them and I did not finnish one so far. But when I do I will for sure share it with you ☺️.

Nordic Beauty sells Voluspa candles. For now we have the Vermeil collection but there is more to come. I’ll keep you updated hihi.

How would you reuse your Voluspa jar ?!

Thank you for reading, till next time!

XoXo Ivana

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