ELDSTICKAN are beautiful design matchsticks from Sweden 🇸🇪 .

I’m so proud that Nordic Beauty is the first one in Belgium to retail this brilliant product.

Martina Kaski is the founder of ELDSTICKAN. Her vision was to create an interior design with the purpose of creating a more beautiful and more personal home. A perfect gift, to someone else or to yourself.

Did you know that matchsticks have been around for over 170 years?!


So when I found ELDSTICKAN I was more then happy. ELDSTICKAN takes it to a whole other level. They are modern but still retro. The packaging is elegant and different, in a collection of colors and sizes that will become design classical and make a lot of homes more beautiful. We have seven different colours to choose from.

I can only speak for myself,  when it’s time to light a candle or something else, the matchsticks or lighter is always gone. And to be honest the packages of lighters don’t look good so they are always laying in a draw and when it’s time to use it I can’t find it. So I’m more then happy that ELDSTICKAN exists. The packaging is beautifull, in my opinion it fits all styles/homes. Putting them on the perfect spot in your home will not just give a beautiful detail it also saves time with  searching when it’s necessary. 😍 I’m really in love with them and they fit perfectly to my candle collection.

Do you also want to own your one ELDSTICKAN? You are more then welcome to drop by the salon for getting your one little beauty. It’s also possible to get it sended to you.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely summer. Till next time, XoXo Ivana

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