My Instagram favorites

My Instagram favorites,

This is really so hard because there are so much good Instagram accounts. But I wanted to do this for so long so here they are, my  Instagram favorites.

By Cindy and Offmind, they are awesome and they just opened a new salon in Sweden. And how awesome can it be, to have two of the best Nailtechnician’s in Sweden under one roof?! They both do beautiful nails and Cindy is a awesome educator. I wish them the best and a lot of succes with the new salon!


A CND™ colleague and there is not much to say then that I love her style and her work is totally in my taste and style. I get so much inspiration following her account. Beautiful nails!

kirstymeakin / naionailsuk

Kirsty is wow, I love her, her personality, creativity, hair etc! Her YouTube channel is just awesome. You can learn so much and it’s so inspiring. I guess everyone already knows about her but if you don’t, check her YouTube channel!


Anastassia from Tallinn, her style of nails is so my coup of thea! Looking true her fotos i found a foto of her and Nataliya and I got a bit nostalgic. Beautiful Instagram account with tons of beautiful nail pics.


Sarah from melb. Australia is fantastic and that’s to little to say. A true artist. Her decorations and nails are on fleak. Choosing one picture from her Instagram account was really so hard, all of her pictures are amazing.

But then choosing one foto from all those awesome talented ladies ware super hard. So much inspiration and beautiful nails at ones is just perfection but impassible to choose from.

What’s your top Instagram favorites ?!

Thank you for reading about my Instagram favourites, till next time.

XoXo Ivana.

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