Thank you!

Thank you so much all you lovely people that donated to the VINYLUX™ donation !!!

A lot have been happening in life, lot of family and friends getting sick. It’s so hard to watch and not to be able do to enything. So when this year started I decided that my “NewYears promises” would be to donate money to charities, to help the people that can help the people that need help.

Helth is something that we unfortunately take for granted and that’s human. But when you get sick, the hole world stops and you really start to realise what’s important in life. And as cliche as it sounds you don’t have any other wish then to get better.

So I heard about Manni, I got so inspired and she is such an amazing woman. She managed to collect 9700skr that’s around €970. How amazing is that. But then that she and the team bicycled all the way from Malmö to Paris in one week. 1 300km is so wow, I’m sitting here without words. They are superheroes! And here they are :

And here is Manni:

You all are AMAZING !!!

But all of you that helped me and bought VINYLUX™, You are also amazing !!! Again, Thank you !!! We sold for €120, so €60 went to Foundation Charcot Stichting and €60 Rynkeby Childhood Cancer Foundation. Nordic Beauty added some extra to the fondations.

We have a saying in Sweden and it’s “a lot of smal streams makes a big river” and I really believe in that. As long as we do our best, there will be a difference. It’s all about doing the best that we can, being and thinking positive. I’m so thankful to all of you! I hope we can do something similar another time.

Thank you !

New fun stuff are coming. I can’t tell you yet, but I will soon. Take care,  till next time!

XoXo Ivana


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