My favorite CND SHELLAC color

My favorite CND SHELLAC color by some of my dear CND™ Education Ambassadors from the Nederlands. Let’s have a look:

Claudia Groot Bluemink

From: The Netherlands
CND™ SHELLAC™ Color: Wildfire

Vanessa van Veenendaal

From: Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
CND SHELLAC Color: Tutti Frutti, Black Pool, Magenta Mischief, Gotcha. I don’t have one favorite color. With this creation of colors I can make beautiful designs.

Sharon Driebergen

From: Alkmaar, The Nederlands
CND SHELLAC Color: Since I know about CND™ SHELLAC™ my favorite color is definitely TROPIX! It gives that holiday, summer look. Love it!

Mariëlle van Heeswijk

From: Veghel, The Nederlands
CND SHELLAC Color: Lobster roll, the ultimate red color. It’s as beautiful in the winter as in the summer.

Kim Van Grinsven

From: Gemert, The Nederlands
CND SHELLAC Color: Tropix, it’s a fresh color and it gives me summer feelings.

Thank you so much dear friends for taking your time and sharing your favourite CND SHELLAC color with us.

What is your favorite CND™ SHELLAC™ Color?

Want to know more about CND™ SHELLAC™? Klick HERE There are some changes since I wrote that tho. We now do call it a “gelpolish”. But the rest is the same. Nothing else changed with CND™ SHELLAC™.

Thank you for reading, till next time. Love Ivana