Scratch Magazine, a Word of Thanks

Scratch Magazine, a Word of Thanks


Scratch Magazine is my favourite Nail Magazine and we got a dubbel cover with a big interview. How awesome is that?! I feel so much feelings, happy, thankful, proud and it can go on. I really feel like a lucky girl for several reasons.

Here they are:

Photo & Styling: @ilona_teunissen_fotografie
Model: @allertzwillemijn
MUAH: @mua.senna
Nails: Me, using #CPGP
Retouch: @retouchcenter

We were just waiting for the may issue to come out and it could not go fast enough. But suddenly it was may and my heart was full of joy. And it took a few seconds to realise that this is for real, even though I know it would happen. It was just better then I could imagen.

I want to start to thank our amazing team. I feel so blessed and honoured that our paths crossed. That we could do this together. I’m really so proud of us! Thank you dear Ilona, Senna and Willemijn.

Then I want to thank Team Scratch for having our picture’s on the cover’s, but also for all the amazing work you all do! The BIGGEST thank you to Kat, for everything and for the amazing interview!!! It is perfect, I can’t thank you enough ❤. I just love it !!!

Last but not least, thank you all for the love and the nice and sweet words/compliments that you have given us about our pictures!!! It means the world!!!

Beautiful Willemijn!

This month started perfectly!! Thank you all for reading about the Scratch Magazine a Word of Thanks. If you would like to buy a issue or subscribe to Scratch Magazine, you can do it HERE. There is more fun stuff coming in may. I can’t wait to show you !!!

Till next time, Love Ivana