Ilona van Barschot Teunissen

Ilona van Barschot Teunissen

Profession: Photographer

Tell us about yourself: Hello! I am Ilona, 35 years old. I am a mother to Pixie, 1 year. And I am married to Barry van Barschot. Aside from photography, I love old vintage stuff, being creative, latte machiatto’s and chocolate haha. Last but not least artistic roller skating where I do the choreography, themes and clothing together with my fellow trainers.

How did your interest for photography start? Potography was one of my main subjects at school. But the interest in photography really started when I was not at my place at work, at the time i was wondering what i really would like to do? Then I started to learn more and even go further into photography because I got approached by people after they had seen my work from school that was hanging on my models walls.

Do you have any education in photography? How did you learn everything ? I finished graphic school where photography was my main subject. To be precise, I graduated as a visualiser. I think it comes back in all my work. I can see it all in advance haha.

How does a typical day look like for you? I wake up early in the morning with Pixie. Then I bring her to her grandparents or to the day-care. From there I drive to the studio and get behind my PC to edit pictures, prepare a shoot, prepare my camera to go outside or make everything nice and warm for a newborn baby. It’s so very different everyday.

What was the most fun and less fun you have experienced with your job? I have so many great experiences! Beauty work, among other things, your perfect nails, sleeping newborn babies, a shoot in the water and children who go wild on their cake. It is very diverse but the best thing is perhaps the happy customers and the sweet words that I sometimes receive.
I have a few not so nice experiences and it’s maybe not so nice to talk about. But in my early years, I sometimes worked for daycare-centers (luckily almost all daycare centers were nice!!!) but there was one where I actually had to be in a dark garage to do my job and I just sat there without being asked if I wanted to drink something and so on… I totally don’t understand that mentality because I always provide for food, drinks, something tasty and a chat for my team.

If you could choose a dream job to shoot, what would it be? I think it would be a Beauty campaign.

What would you be if you were not a photographer? Uhumm, I have no idea actually.

Do you have any advice to share to someone who is dreaming to become a photographer? Buy a secondhand camera (I just now, bought for the first time a new camera after 15 years) and start. What I learned in school is nothing compared to what I know now. And it’s all from just doing it, asking things in a photo store, look it up on YouTube and follow inspiring photographers. You can find enough films or tutorials so that you can get an idea how your camera is working and so you know what shutter speed, diaphragm are. Try to skip the automatic mode ;). Knowledge like photoshop and lightroom are also handy to know. There are also good courses and tutorials for that too. Photoshop is endless, I myself do not manage it all. But I do know what I need to know for my work. And I learn something new every week.

Thank you so much Ilona for telling us about yourself. You are such a talented and inspiring person. I’m so happy I have met you and also have to pleasure to work with you.

I hope you all enjoy reading about Ilona. What is your dream job ?

Till next time, Love Ivana