Yessica Padberg

Full Name: Yessica Padberg

From: Losser, The Nederlands

Profession: Nailtechnician, Educator

Tell us about yourself: My name is Yessica Padberg and i am 41 years young. Married for 13.5 years now, with my soulmate and we have 2 beautiful children (a girl, Nomy 15 and a boy, Dean 7). We live in Losser, Holland nearby the German border but I was born in Zwolle. Where I lived together with my mother until I was 6, then we moved to the village I still live today. In Zwolle I was always drawing and almost never played outside. I always was creating things. First copying, but at the time I left to live in Losser I was already creating from my mind.

Tell us about your career as a nail technician: When the time came where I had to make the choice for further education, the only choice for me was to go to the art academy. But my mother didn’t felt the same way, (unfortunately). I kept being creative, that’s my way of living. To unwind, to relax, or to get energy! I kept drawing, because that always made me feel at peace. In that time I also found the passion for singing and we did have a couple of gigs. I still sing and love to do it but through a different path I found my way to create again in my line of work.

I have my salon for 20+ years now (yess2impress naildesign) and I work alone. For almost 3 years now I am proud to say that I am also a international educator for the company Magnetic. At the beginning of my salon, I already was playing with inlay and art, just to be different. Because that is who I am, different or better said I always follow my own feelings (direction) and don’t want to do the same as every body else. So to learn everything about the different techniques in nail art I followed an all round nailart course at the Pepyn Borrèl Academy in Veghel, which was a long drive every week but I enjoyed every minute of it. After that my salon (or better said I) became known for different type of nails, which was good because nailart wasn’t really much shown in all other salons. Almost at the same time when I moved my salon back home (because of the family, I wanted to be at home so my kids where nearby ♡) Pepyn called me to ask if I ever thought about educating as a (nailart) trainer?! I never did and didn’t know if I could. I’ve always worked from my heart, my feelings, never thinking. But oh my, I am so thankful that he called that day! I love to educate, to share my passion with others. I truly feel blessed! These days I only work for 2 days in my salon, because I also give lessons at different locations in the Netherlands and other countries as well. It is busy, but if you feel passionate about something it never feels like work! And I am a lucky girl, to have such an amazing husband behind me who supports me in every way.

What inspires you when doing all your beautiful nail art? Where I get my inspiration from is LIFE ,that may sound a little bit different but then again that’s me, Yessica smiles. I really look at things in life, where ever I go. That can be colours of an art object I see in a store or the light that falls through the glass. It can be really tiring as well, because my head never stops creating. There have been times that I wake up in the middle of the night because of an awesome nailart idea. When the time come to create for example for new lessons, I listen to music, sing and then when I am in ‘my bubble’ (as my husband calls it haha) I totally loose track of time and everything around me.

What do you wear on your own nails? Up until a few years ago I always had long nails, but these days I wear shorties with gelpolish and nailart, ofcourse because I just don’t have the time anymore to do else.

What is your favourite product and why? My favourite product is by far our Masterpaints but I can not do without my master detailer and detailer 1 as we’ll. I love these brushes so much that I have a combination of these two, tattooed on my skin.

What is your favourite nail design and why? Speaking of… that is my favourite kind of nail art, Tattoo-art. It is feminine but also rad…and different, like me 😉.

Dare to be different, just be you ♡.

Dear Yessica, thank you for sharing. You are such a talented and amazing person. I’m so thankful that you want to share your work with us all and that we can learn from you! Thank you, you really inspire me ❤.

Do you love nail art?

It’s soon May and I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you for reading.

Till next time! Love Ivana