Time is flying

Hello, time is really flying! We are almost in the middle of march and I did not blog ones this year. I know really bad from me but the time is not my friend. So much have happened and I will try to update you.

One of the most exiting things is that Nordic Beauty started this year with becoming a CND™ Academy. I’m so happy that I can offer courses from here. Another fun thing is that Sascha Gossen is coming the 18th April and she will learn us all about Aeropuffing, for more info. Click HERE. I so look forward to it. If you are interested to come, be sure to subscribe soon, we only have a few places. Hope to see you!

Then we also joined two competitions, Competition nail it in January and the Brabantse kampioenschap in February.

With Nail it I won the 3 place Salon success division 2 and We won 2 place with our poster in division 2.

With the Brabantse kampioenschap I got the 2 place Salon French division 2 and We won the 2 place with our poster division 2.

The biggest thank you to our amazing team!

📸 : Ilona 👸🏼: Margaux 💄: Sandra ✨: Retouch

(click on their names to come to their Instagram pages)

I also want to thank my sweetest Model Andrea, for being awesome and for wanting to do this with me. Thank you for your time and all your patience! Last but not least Debbie, thank you !!! You are always there for me and guiding me. I appreciate you all so much!

There is much more to come, we have also done 2 more amazing shoots. Can’t wait to show you the photos but we will have to have some more patience. We are joining more competitions but also one more amazing thing is coming so stay tuned 😜 hihi.

In February my dear friends and I followed a super fun nail art course with Yessica Padberg. We had so much fun. Yessica is amazing and it was so much fun to learn from her.

CND™ is also coming with a new LED-lamp! I can’t wait, i would like to have it like yesterday haha.

We also got new gel colors. Beautiful collections are coming and I’m so happy with the Sweet Escape collection. It’s so beautiful for spring! What to you think about the colors?

We will also get the CND™ Scentsations mini lotion’s back. I will try to get a stock of them.

If your interested to  become a nail professional or are you already a nail professional and interested in a workshop or two. Please let me know if I can help you!

This is it for now. Happy Friday and wish you a lovely weekend! As time is flying I wish it could go a bit slower. But I guess it is how they say, time is flying when you have fun. Till next time!

Love Ivana