Nail and Skin Care

Nail and Skin Care. Let’s start from the beginning. Here is a perfect picture that I borrowed from Doug Schoon. He is an known scientist, researcher and educator. A brilliant man and he’s very important for our industry. So to come back to the topic you can clearly see where the Matrix is.


The Matrix produces cells that create the nailplate. It’s a structure of proteins called keratin and it’s made of amino acids. The amino acids are a form complex structure of chains and crosslinks. The Matrix decides the nails shape.

If you look at your nail you can see a half moon, it’s called Lunula. Some people have a bigger one then others. And eventhough it doesn’t show on some people, it’s there. The Lunula is the front of the Matrix. When the cells leave the Matrix they are white and round but they become flattened. So when they are flattened they become translucent and you can see the color from the nail bed.

We often hear that nails have to “breath” but that’s another myth. Nails do not breath. They are dead cells except from the Lunula.

The question that we often hear is, – why do my nails peel, crack or splitt ?! Well it can have several reasons. For example,  bad chemicals, water, lack of nutrition, improper care, lack of moisture , stress or lack of oil.

So what can we do to get deeper, stronger and healthier nails and prevent that? My answer is, start with this:



This is something I recommend to everyone. Try to make it your daily routine. I know it’s hard to create new routines but try to, it will help you. The recommendation is to use it twice a day. I use it in the morning and before going to bed.

Start with CuticleEraser™. CuticleEraser™ micro-exfoliates cuticles with a rich, creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturises cuticles and helps prevent hangnails.

Then SolarOil™.  SolarOil™ is an award-winning oil. It’s a Synergistic blend of natural light oils and vitamin E. It protects your skin and nails (it’s important for your chains and crosslinks). It contains Jojoba oil witch is a deeply penetrating oil, Rice Bran oil and Sweet Almond oil that are moisturising and Vitamin E that is anti-aging. I’m ofcourse a CND™ fan. There is a lot of oils on the market. Which ever oil you choose make sure that it contains a oil with smal molecules so it can penetrate down into your natural nails, or enhancements.

As I wrote, use them together and daily, you will see great results. This is a basic treatment. Some people need more help. My recommendation then is that you contact a good nailtechnician. Start with a manicure and ask for help, if needed.

If you don’t believe me, try it only on one hand and you will see a difference between the two hands. I always nag to my friends and clients, – you have to use the oil hahaha but I really find it important for your nails and skin care.

Do you use Nail oil and what are your plans for this weekend?

 I have to hurry and prepair. Two of my friends are coming from the Netherlands and are staying this weekend. I have sooo been looking forward to it!

I wish you a great weekend ❤️ XoXo Ivana.

    • Hi Carol!

      Lucky you, thats great! A lot of people would be jelous. However sorry if the blog was not clear enough. Nail oil is recommended for everyone to use. “Good” as for “bad” nails (for the chains and crosslinks). If it contains vitamin E it’s also antiaging, that’s also a totally different mather. But oil is a recommendation to everyone. ?

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