Beautiful Hands and Nails

What are beautiful hands/nails for you?

I see beautiful hands and nails as a daily accessory. Also as a reflection of who you are. We show our hands/nails with everything we do. The first thing I do when I meet someone is to look at their hands/nails, I guess that’s a working habit.

Beautiful nails are more common as a daily must in Sweden as in the US or other countries . Correct me if I’m wrong but I find it different in Belgium, here it’s more a luxury thing that I’m seeing growing since I came to Belgium. Which honestly was a big shock for me. It’s fun to see how different it is in cultures even though Sweden and Belgium are not so far away from each other.

If we go back in history, research shows that people have been manicuring their nails for over 4.000 years. Great women and men did that to express their social status. I find it so cool to read about it and see the changes true the years with the meanings and the fashion, now and then.

What I find important for hands, nails and feet is that they look beautiful and healthy. With a simple thing as using right products you can achieve that. We do that with our hair, teeth and the list can become long for us. So why do we forget or not care about our hands and feet? What I recommend to use is, a cuticle cream, a nail oil, a good hand cream and a good foot cream . File your nails with the right grit on the file – for natural nails the grit has to be 240. From there you have a good base for getting deeper, stronger and healthier nails.

So what is right or wrong with colors, well it depends. What color or style of nails do you like/want? Do you want a natural look or an extreme look? What is You and what do you feel comfortable with? What work do you do, how do you use your hands?! Go from there and you can never be wrong.

When it comes to materials I often hear, -oh those “fake” nails ruin your nails and that is false! Nail polish or materials do NOT ruin your nails. Improper removal ruins your nails. So never ever force material of your nails, or let anyone els do that. Let your nails be. Don’t use them as tools, see your nails as jewels and take care of them and your nails will stay fab. There are a lot of other nail myths but I’ll save that for later.

Till next time, ❤️ XOXO Ivana