I have a big surprise for you, but first let’s talk about CND™ VINYLUX™.

When I started as a nailtechnician CND™ had a beautyiful collection of nailpolish. But to be honest im not a fan of traditional nailpolish. Why, becouse it never dries. Well it do but it takes a long time.

So when CND™ came out with VINYLUX™ in 2013 i had a big haaaallelujah moment and this is why:

VINULUX™ is a weekly polish system that features innovative technology that delivers:

  • Week-long wear (Really!™).
  • No Base coat, Self-adhering color coat.
  • Durability increased with natural light.
  • Fast drying (8,5min).
  • Two step application.

It is as amazing as it sounds! So NO basecoat needed. It really dries super fast. The top coat is non-yellowing. I really love this product!


VINULUX™ is a Two part system that must be used together for ultimate preformance. When you applie VINYLUX™, applie it with thin layers. You can also use Solar speed spray and then it even dries faster. Choose from over 100 fashion-forward shades.

Is this really true ?! – YES! But your nail condition do have an affect to the products performance. Healthy nails without delamination or drying issues perform for one week (use your nail oil) hehe.

… And here comes the surprise.

Beautiful Melissa that have the amazing, Kiss & Make-Up Beauty Blog and Nordic Beauty is doing a Giveaway. What you can WIN is the CND™ VINYLUX™ Flirtation Collection in Pinkies. For more info check the Kiss & Make-Up Beauty Blog, click HERE to enter the Giveaway and it’s worldwide. I wish you all good luck!image

Are you a fan of  CND™ VINYLUX™ ?!

Till next time, XoXo Ivana.

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