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Welkome to the Nordic Beauty blog ❤️.

I’m Ivana, i come from Stockholm, Sweden. I met the love of my life and because of him i now live in Belgium, a little bit more then two years. Im now busy with studying Dutch. I had doubts about writing the blog in Dutch but since my Dutch it not so good and i have a lot of friends all over the world i decided to write it in english.

So a little bit of my background, since i was a child i loved everything that had to do with nails, beauty and fashion. 2007 i decided to become a nailtech. With a bit of research i felt in love with the brand CND™ and decided to go for it. One of the best decisions of my life. The courses in Sweden are totally different then the education in Belgium. We don’t have the Schoonheidsspecialist education. So my course was only about nails, i started with a intensive course liquid and powder (Acrylic) and later in that year i continued it with Gel and Glasfiber so i could get my Nailspecialist Diploma from that school. I was very lucky to have Agneta Moden as my Educator. She is brilliant and she learnd me everything i know till a while ago.

Now im busy with a training for becoming a CND™ Education Ambassador in Belgium. I really feel lucky to have got this opportunity. I meet so much fantastic people. We are four girls doing this together and we are super lucky to have Debbie Hehanussa as our mentor. Debbie is fantastic, brilliant and to see us grow is so fun. I can’t say it enough how lucky i feel. I will write more about the EA journey later.

What i love with beeing a nailtech is that your never done with your education. You always have to update your self and stay tuned. Being creative. Seeing all my clients going out from the nailsstudio with a smile on there face is priceless. Hopefully i can also soon spread my love for CND™ and help other nailtechs to grow.

I’m not really a blogger and I have dyslexia but with this blog i want to update you with new fun stuff and also what im busy with. I hope you will find it fun.

I wish you a fantastic weekend, see you soon.

❤️ Xoxo Ivana



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