Hi again,

I’m reading, seeing and hearing a lot of information about CND™ SHELLAC™. Unfortunately there is a lot of incorrect information and I would like to make it clear.

SHELLAC™ is a brand from CND™ and they came out with it 2010. So to explain it shortly;

  • SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ day nail color
  • 14+ days of high performance wear
  • Stunning crystal shine
  • Zero dry time
  • Easy and fast removal
  • NO nail damage

Really, it’s true! CND™ took the best technology from gel and then the best technology from nail polish. They added a new technology for removal and made CND™ SHELLAC™. Which I’m super happy for, I love SHELLAC™ and have been working with it sinds it came out. CND™ SHELLAC™ is unique because of the technology and there is no other product on the market like CND™ SHELLAC™ , as much as other’s want to say that there is. So CND™ SHELLAC™ is NOT a gelpolish, soak-off, gellack, gel or what other names there are on the market.

When you work with CND™ SHELLAC™, always work with the complete system to deliver the superior service. Every color is unique, so never mix them but what’s fantastic with CND™ SHELLAC™ is that you can layer it to custom made beautiful colours for your clients. Keep in mind that we are speaking about healthy natural nails.

Why I love CND™ SHELLAC™ is for all the reasons I wrote about and of course the no nail damage, we never file on top of the natural nail which I find very important.

So let’s help each other to spread the correct information about CND™ SHELLAC™.  Feel free to share the info if you feel like to.

Till next time, XOXO Ivana




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