Nail Philosophy

 Me, My nails & My Nail Philosophy ❣

Name: Pauline Grossen

Age : 20

Profession: Student, communication management

From: Ostend, Belgium

Nail Philosophy: I have a bad habit – when I study or when I’m nervous for some other reason, I break my nails. Therefore I need materials on them. I also enjoy my time in the salon a lot. I like special, colorful nails with some flowers, stones or some nice nail art.


Name: Sascha Gossen 

Age : 43

Profession: Nailstylist, CND™ Artistic color EA and Make-up artist

From: Breukelen, The Netherlands

Nail Philosophy: I’m working in the nail industry for five years and I am a CND EA since 2013. I love to work with a professional brand that is non-stop busy with new technology’s and where the preservation of the natural nail is a priority. As a nailtech it’s a prior to listen carefull to your customer and make a good assessment of the natural nail. By combining these two I hope to make the perfect nails for every customer. Beside that I specialised myself in nailart. More specific fast, simple but beautifull nailart. It takes little time but with that you distinguish yourself. So it’s ideal for salons, where the cliënts often have little time or don’t want to pay for extensive nailart. I love to do creative work in my studio. But beside that it also gives a fantastic feeling to share my creativity with others. I’m born creative, so this totally isn’t an art. To inspire others with my work is the biggest compliment that I can get in this profession.


Name: Azadeh Ta

Age : 26+

Profession: Nailtechnician, CND™ Color EA

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Nail Philosophy: Why do I do what I do? Because pretty nails make me happy, seeing my customers satisfied makes me even more happy. My theory is that all women should take care of their nails. How you choose to do them can really uplift your personality. Nails have a lot of meaning for me, it’s like an art. With today’s modern techniques you so can do much more and experiment around.


Name: Melissa (a.k.a. Kiss & Make-up) 

Age : 29

Profession: Blogger & Freelance writer

From: Switzerland, originally from Belgium

Nail Philosophy: When I want to wear color,I often go for a nice warm coral pink. But I also like nudes and neutrals a lot as they’re so easy to wear. And you can never go wrong with black of course. As far as finish goes I prefer a creamy or glossy finish and I tend to avoid glitter nail polishes because – as pretty as they are – they are just too much of a pain to remove.


Name: Biljana Dedic 

Age : 27

Profession: Lawyer

From: Podgorica, Montenegro

Nail Philosophy: For me, nails are the first thing i see on somebody. I love doing my nails cause it makes me more confident, sexy and feminem. I love to put all kind of red colours on my nails so i dont risk if it is to much or to pail, red is always trendy. Also, doing nails is a stress relief for me so i try to do it twice a month.


Name: Jemma Bailey

Age : 25

Profession: Beauty Therapist

From: Staffordshire, UK

Nail Philosophy: Buy cheap, buy twice. I always invest in the highest quality products ? CND?.


Thank you lovely lady’s for sharing with us!

What is your Nail Philosophy?! 

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