Valentino Beauty Pure

Valentino Beauty Pure is a dust collector, filter system.


I wanted one for such a long time and some weeks ago I bought it. I was so happy when I got it and really looking forward to start using it.

Valentino Beauty Pure Promote them self to deliver a dust free result.

It’s so important to have a good filter system for Nailtechnicians.

I had a “no brand” filter system. That was like 9 years old. It worked good but it didn’t look so nice even though cleaning it after every client. So I decided to invest in a new one. I gave the Valentino Beauty Pure a try for some weeks and to be honest I’m not happy at all. I’m actually really disappointed! And here are some reasons why:

  • To be dust free is relative, I understand that there always will be some dust. But with my old filter system, I had less dust then now on my table and on my clothes.
  • It’s really loud, it makes so much noise that it feels like I have to talk really loud almost scream to communicate with my clients.

I went to the stand from the distributor on Estetika that sold me the Valentino and talked with a woman that said that it was to bad that I ordered it true there website and didn’t call them to inform first. She said that you will not be dust free, like Valentino is saying. She showed me how to hold the hand, how to file with the electric file and etc. She also said that the filter is good for the beginners that are not used to enything better but not for people that have experience. However, there fore she could not help me and her recommendation was to try to sell it. Well thank you very much for nothing. If that’s the fact I don’t understand why they are selling it and I think it’s such a bad and wrong marketing trick from Valentino Beauty Pure. I’m so disappointed and I don’t recommend it to anyone. Save your money instead!

So I’m now looking and searching for what’s the best on the market, I’ll come back to you when I find it. I really think it’s so important for our health so I will do my best to find it.

I hope this information was helpful for you, thank you for reading.

XoXo Ivana


  • I had not even heard about a similar product before so I was definitely a bit intrigued! But man, what a bummer that it was so bad… especially the sound you said it makes pissed me off since the video has a track playing over it so you can’t hear the sound! Great review, I’m sure a lot of people working in this industry will find it useful.

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