Nail Philosophy II

Me, My nails & My Nail Philosophy II ❣

Name: Nicky Fens

Age : 33

Profession: Administrative assistant manager

From: Beerse, Belgium

Nail Philosophy: I like to look good in every way: hair, cloths, shoes and nails of course. But I have to be honest: it doesn’t succeed me to always look at my best. Sometimes you have a bad hair day, or you don’t feel good or…yeah okay …we are women you know? But nails: nails are one of the first things you see on somebody. If the nails look good, you automatically féél good! I met Ivana in Belgium who does my nails like a real good professional! I enjoy it when I come to her salon, I unstress with all the colors and nice scents and I come out looking happy and satisfied!


Name: Olga Popkova 

Age : 28

Profession: Nailtechnician, CND™ Education Ambassador

From: Kiev, Ukraine

Nail Philosophy: There is no such thing as a bad manicure, you could be lacking glitter !


Name: Malin Dahlgren

Age: 27

Profession: Hairdresser

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Nailphilosophy: Beautiful nails always boosts my confidence and make me feel like the best version of myself. I’m not exactly the best at getting them to look beautiful on my own, and that’s why I just LOVE when Ivana works her endless magic on me ❤️.


Name: Valeria alias Coco

Age: 27

Profession: Employee & Fashion Blogger

From: Italy

Nailphilosophy: I love short nails, perfectly manicured and lacquered in a color which reflects my mood. As nails are always under everybody’s eyes, including our own, I use them for chromotherapy. Honestly.

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Name: Desirée Klasén Gramer

Age: 39

Profession: Executive Assistant

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Nailphilosophy: To me, getting your nails fixed is like putting on a pair of high heels. It just makes you feel more feminine and on fleek – even on days spent at home in your PJ’s. But don’t be cheap when choosing your technician – you get what you pay for and to be honest, as faboulous as you may look (and feel) with ten perfectly symmetric and balanced nails, as shabby you look with one or two broken ones.


Name: Isabelle Stein

Age: 22

Profession: Secretary

From: Weert, The Nederlands

Nailphilosophy: I’ve have acrylic nails for 4 years now. I love long and colorful nails, but I also like just red nails. Red is always classy.


Thank you lovely lady’s for sharing with us! 

What was your favorite or What is your Nail Philosophy?! 

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