OP ZOEK NAAR MODELLEN means Searching for models in English !!!

So I have decided to start with nails competitions, yeeeeeey !!! I’m so looking forward to it hahaha. This is actually something that i wanted for a long time and now I will give it more then 100%.

However im really dependent on having people that I can practice on and also finding people that want to come with me to the competitions. And if it was that easy, I also need to find models for the competition with beautiful hands, straight fingers, long nail beds and that’s not always the easiest to find.

As a model this will not cost you anything besept your time. Since I don’t live in Belgium for so long and i don’t know that much people, I really need your help, please feel free to share this. It would mean the world to me!

This pictures are not mine, I borrowed them. They are perfect examples how the hands and nails should look like for nail competitions.



Competition nails are totally different from salon nails. It’s really fun and I hope that I will find people that are enthusiastic, that have time to do this experience with me. If it goes as i wish, we will have fantastic days in London, Belgium and the Nederlands. But first things first and that is to find that “perfect” models 😉 .

So if you would like to be a model, please send me a email or a message on Facebook or Instagram with a picture of your hands and nails. 

?? Om het nog even kort in Nederlands uit te leggen, ik ben op zoek naar modellen. Dus nagelmodellen, Want volgend jaar zal ik met nagel competities beginnen. Competitie nagels zijn helemaal anders dan salon nagels. Ik heb modellen nodig met mooie handen en nagels nodig (zo als op de foto’s). Iemand die het leuk vind om die reis met mij te doen. Dus ik zoek zowel modellen waar ik op kan oefenen maar ook modellen die mee willen gaan naar de competities. De competities zouden volgend jaar zijn. Heb je interesse en tijd of weet je iemand ?! Stuur me dan een berichtje met een foto van uw handen en nagels en dan vertel ik heel graag meer.

Op zoek naar modellen is my next mission haha. Please feel free to share this and keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find some people that would love to do this with me.

How is your Halloween so far ?!

Happy Monday evening and I hope you will have a lovely Halloween !!!

XoXo Ivana


(Am I the only one that are in love whit these snapchat filters?! How fantastic would it be to walk around with this flowers and perfect skin all the time hahah. ?)

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