About prices …

This post will be all about prices, I want to explain some things.

I think you can see this from two point of views, as a klient and as a Nailtechnician.

I really try not to compair Sweden with Belgium. With saying Sweden and Belgium I meant where I lived and where I live now. To be honest that’s really hard. Sometimes I find my self in really frustrating situations. But at the same moment I try to accept that this is a culture clash since I moved to Belgium, I have to adapt to how it is here. So when I started my company I realised that I had to lower my prices because nail treatments ware more expensive in Sweden. Even though I still hear that I’m “to expensive” and there for I feel the need to explain some things about prices. So this is my opinion from my point of view.

I always loved nails, I remember my self as a kid standing in a mall with my mom and I was beging her to buy me pink nails that were with double sided tape. It took a while but I did get them and I remember that feeling of happiness ?.

When I was around 15-16 years old I started to go to salons, form all the salons and materials I tried, CND™ was/is my favorite. I did my research and when I was 22 I saved enough money to do a course and that was one of my best decision in my life. I went to one of the best schools in Sweden at that moment. I was blessed to have one of the best educators. I’m so thankful and will always be thankful for everything that she learned me.

I’m so blessed that i can do my passion as my “work” and now 9 years later I took my dream and passion to the next level and became a CND™ Education Ambassador. I always kept updated and all this means that I spend a LOT of money on my education. I’m not talking a bout few hundreds euros it’s more thousands of euros and I will still continue with doing that because that’s how our industry works.


The fact is that the more you learn and the more nails you do the better you will get, that’s my way of thinking. People have ofcourse different kind of standards but I’m a person that is a perfectionist and i always think that everything can be better. I will always go for that great result and work in a way that’s healthy for the nail. If I want to I can do the same treatment in half the time. But then I won’t get the same result and it can harm the nails. In that way I could have more customers in the same time. But I prefer quality before quantity! I prefer decent before cheap. I prefer happy clients before a lot of clients!

I’m also old school CND™. I love French nails, colors and to spice it up I can add some glitters or foil. Decorations are totally not my thing. I like decorations, I can admire it but there it stops for me. And that is what I love with doing nails and being a Nailtechnician, we all have our own style.

I don’t see other Nailtechnicians as concurrence, I see them as colleagues and that is because we all are unique in our way. Each and everyone of us have our style and that reflects our “art”, work that we are doing. So I will not, or better to say I won’t ever start a price war. I really believe that a price war will kill our business and thats bad for all of us. So about prices, as much as this is our passion this is our job where we have to get a living from to live a normal life.

So this is some of the reasons why I have the prices that I have:

  • I’m good educated in my profession.
  • I work with one of the best quality brands on the market.
  • I’m keeping my self updated.
  • I don’t do express nails.
  • I pay taxes.
  • I always have the latest and the full collections of the newest products from CND™.
  • My priority is to sculpt correctly sculpted nails, without liftings.
  • I work with Liquid & Powder (acrylic), Gel, SHELLAC™.
  • I can work with glass fibre and extreme.
  • I don’t harm your nails.

This is just a few reasons, this post will be long enough. But I find this one of the most important reasons why.

This it NOT to recommend but the picture speaks more then 1000 words. This is Brisa™ gel and it shows how fantastic it is. My client had her nails for 10 weeks without a single lifting. Because of some circumstances she could not come earlier but this is a prove of how good it can be when i do my work and the client does her part. She did oil on her nails twice a day, every day and she filed them down.

With or without materials on your nails:


And realize that a nailtechnitian can make your nails beautiful (if we work correctly) but you as a client have to keep them beautiful. Doing nails is not black and white. We do 50% of the job but you have to do the other 50% and this concerns if you choose a nail technician that works how she/he should.

For the Nailtechnician, focus on your nail skills 
and keep on updating your self. Make your self stand out 
and do not lower your prices, you will only attract the 
wrong people. Charge what YOU are worth. 
Getting clients that are chasing cheap price is not hard 
to get but that should not be your focus. 
Building up a clientele that comes to you, 
for YOU and YOUR art is making you a smart business woman/man!
For the Clients, be smart with going to someone with a good 
education that work with quality materials. 
Why?! -You don't want to get allergies is one example. 
Look at the pictures and see if the style 
from the nailtech fits you and what you like.


Most of the times you get what you pay for. It’s just a thought about prices when we question them.

If you missed my introduction and my first blog post you can find it HERE .

Is quality something that is important to you ?!

XoXo Ivana

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