Nail Philosophy III

Me, My nails & My Nail Philosophy III

Name: Denise Driebergen

Age : 23

Profession: Teamleader at Albert Heijn & Student, Middle Management

From: Alkmaar, The Nederlands

Nail Philosophy: I wear artificial nails for years now and beautiful nails are a must for me! It looks nice and clean. I really can’t be without it. Your day will always feel good and beautiful if your nails and makeup looks good.


Name: John C. Nguyen

Age: 28

Profession: CND Education Ambassador & Salon Owner

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nail Philosophy: I always focus on perfecting my application and finishing when it comes to applying enhancements or Shellac. It’s all about the details that give you the perfect manicure, after all your art is only as good as the canvas you put it on!


Name: Yvette Lievens 

Age : 21

Profession: Student

From: Breukelen, The Nederlands

Nail Philosophy: I started when I was at high school with Nail Art and in that period I met Sascha Gossen. From that moment I’ve got a real Nail Art addiction and became the handmodel of Sascha Gossen. First for competition nails and now for showing her creations online. I’ve learned a lot and I really want to learn more for my technical skills after I graduated ?.


Name: Ashley (Akaleistar)

Age : 31

Profession: Actor/Writer

From: USA

Nail Philosophy: Most days I keep my nails simple, but when I have time, I enjoy doing nail art. My nail polish stash is full of dark colors and glitter. Sparkly nails are always a win in my book.


Name: Karolien Hillen

Age : 33

Profession: Pharmacist

From: Beerse, Belgium

Nail Philosophy: I’m going to start with a short story to tell my nail philosophy. Last summer I was at a place where most women have a minimum of confidence, @ the pool in a bikini. Why is it that I always look like the one with the whitest skin? Like the fat one? But there was one thing that I was 100% sure about: my nails looked fantastic! That gave a boost to my confidence. At least I got that wright. As an ex-nailbiter, my nails used to be something to be ashamed for. Now they are something to be proud of, no matter witch colour they are. Thank you Ivana for doing more to me than ‘just doing my nails’. You’re fantastic ?


Thank you dear Karoline, I wish you could see your self true our glasses. You are definitely not fat! Pale, We are in the same Viking boat hihi, luckily we have things for that. But what I want to say is that you are beautiful and perfect. I’m SO MEGA GIGA proud of you for stop biting your nails. You’re  fantastic !!! ❤️? / Ivana

Name: Tanja Komljenovic 

Age : 24

Profession: Preschool teacher

From: Malmö, Sweden

Nail Philosophy: Nails is one of the first things i see when i meet new people. That’s why nails are very important to me. Many people prefer make their hair, buy new cloths ect, but i prefer nails. Evrytime I go and get my nails done, I automatically feel like a new person. It’s like a little therapy you do for yourself. The best part of it all, is that I am never disappointed. I always leave the salon with a happy smile.


Thank you lovely people for sharing with us!

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