Nail Philosophy IV December Special

Nail Philosophy IV December Special?.

So to make it a bit more fun and since the holidays are coming up, we decided to do a

Me, My nails and My nail philosophy IV December Special.

We interviewed two CND™ International Education Ambassadors, two Bloggers and two Nailtechnicians. Click on their names to come to their Instagrams or Blogs. This time we added a few new questions and in the end I have a surprise for you. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did. I read them all with a smile on my face. Here we go.

Name: Debbie Hehanussa 

Age: 36

From: Netherlands

Profession: International nail artiest and Educator

10 Nail questions:

Natural nails of enhancements ?: Enhancements but only if they are beautiful executed in a very natural way!

French of color ?: For sure French!

Favorite nail color ?: Red and nudes

Short or long nails ?: Both! Short to wear and long when I’m creating them ?

Favorite nail shape?: Squoval

Glitter or no glitter ?: No glitter

Classic or nail art ?: Classic

Do you use nail oil daily ?: Nope, I’m very bad example..use it ones a week I think 😉

Favorite hand-cream ?: CND SPA Gardenia woods

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: Creative play CND

Nail philosophy: It’s not really only a nail philosophy but for sure One of my favorites. Every time you meet someone new you will learn something new.


Name: Nataliya Al-ta’ai

Age: 35

From: Edinburgh, Scotland

Profession: CND Education Ambassador, Global Team CND member

10 Nail Questions: 

Natural nails of enhancements ?: Enhancements

French of color ?: Colour

Favorite nail color ?: Shellac aqua-intance

Short or long nails ?: Long

Favorite nail shape ?: Almond

Glitter or no glitter ?: Definitely glitter

Classic or nail art ?: Nail art

Do you use nail oil daily ?: Yes

Favorite hand-cream ?: CND SPA Gardenia Wood Lotion

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: CND

Nail philosophy: Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself. Education is the key to success. Never be afraid to step outside the box.


Name: Naomi Vangestel (Naomi in Wonderland) 

Age: 25

From: Belgium

Profession: Content Creator

10 Nail Questions:

Natural nails of enhancements ?: Natural! I don’t have the time to get ’em done so I just try to let my nails grow to a beautiful length and paint them every week.

French of color ?: Color. When I was a teenager I would have said French haha.

Favorite nail color ?: Mmmmh, black is an all time favorite but I love natural shades as well.

Short or long nails ?: In between. Not too long, not too short. As long as I can comfortable work without having to worry about my nails I’m good!

Favorite nail shape?: Roundish.

Glitter or no glitter ?: Depends. Daily life: no glitter. But parties? Glitter!

Classic or nail art?: Classic. Purely because I can’t do nail art. I do think it’s a beautiful skill people can have

Do you use nail oil daily?: No.

Favorite hand-cream?:  I use different ones but right now Lush.

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: I actually love H&M! It’s cruelty free (a must for me) and with the right care I can easily go 5/6 days without having them chip (after using a base and top coat).

Nail philosophy: I used to bite my nails ALL the time but then I started painting them again and I realized I didn’t like super short nails so I tried my hardest to stop biting them. I quit a nasty habit and I like having a fair length of pretty, painted yet natural looking nails!


Name: Elle Sees

Age: not saying 😉

From: Atlanta, GA

Profession: Nanny/Blogger

10 nailquestions:

Natural nails of enhancements ?: I have natural, but either is fine with me.

French of color ?: Color

Favorite nail color ?: Red

Short or long nails ?: Short

Favorite nail shape?: Oval

Glitter or no glitter ?: Glitter

Classic or nail art?: I like both

Do you use nail oil daily?: No

Favorite hand-cream?: L’occitane

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: The new gel-like one from Essie

Nail philosophy: My Grandmother, mother, and step-mother did nails for years. My Grandmother had a salon for 35 years where she did nails and I grew up in that environment. I’ve always loved painting my nails. She even had her own line of makeup and polish named after me and my sister. I believe in wearing your nails as you’d like—if you want lots of glitter or wild designs, then go for it. If you like classic, then do it. I believe in taking care of my nails and I need to do a better job.


Name: Jo Wickens

Age: 29

From: Devon, UK

Profession: Nail Technician & Salon Owner

10 Nail Questions:

Natural nails of enhancements ?: Nail enhancements, love the transformation!

French of color ?: Colour

Favorite nail color ?: This is really hard to choose! At the moment it’s CND Shellac in Oxblood ❤️

Short or long nails ?: Long nails

Favorite nail shape?: Ballerina

Glitter or no glitter ?: Always glitter! ✨

Classic or nail art?: Nail art

Do you use nail oil daily?: Yes ?

Favoriete hand-cream?: CND Scentsations Mango & Coconut ?

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: CND Vinylux because it dries super quick & lasts better than any other nail polish I’ve tried.

Nail philosophy: I love creating wearable nails with a twist, while taking care of the natural nail too. I’m passionate about education and love to learn new techniques to help improve my work and gain new skills. My favourite service to do is hard gel nails, especially when my clients give me free reign to do what I like on them!


 Name: Therese Sundström

Age: 25

From: Stockholm, Sweden

Profession: Nail Technician

10 Nail Questions:

Natural nails of enhancements ?: Enhancement

French of color ?: Color

Favorite nail color ?: Black or red

Short or long nails ?: Long, ofcourse

Favorite nail shape?: Almond

Glitter or no glitter ?: No glitter

Classic or nail art?: Classic

Do you use nail oil daily?: I don’t live as I learn

Favoriete hand-cream?: Req “watermelon and cucumber”

Favorite nail polishlish brand ?: Gelish soak of system

Nail philosophy: “Never have longer nails than you can handle”.


It’s not only the added questions that makes this Nail Philosophy IV December Special different. The surprise for you is that you can win one VINYLUX™ Black Diamonds from the STARSTRUCK collection and a VINYLUX™ Topcoat. All you have to do is to guess who the nails belonges to. If there are more of you that have the right awnser we will raffle a winner. Comment below with your answer and good luck !!! (Don’t forget to add your email)! ? We will select a winner 19th of December 2016.


Thank you for reading the Nail Philosophy IV December Special and Thank you lovely lady’s for sharing with us!

Till next time, XoXo Ivana

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