The correct awnsers are…

Hi Everyone! The correct awnsers are…

Let me first tell you that December have not been my friend in time. Time is really passing so fast and in some way I can’t even believe it’s Christmas this weekend. To much to do and I think this year will be gone sooner than we think.

When it comes to the give away. There was only Dionne that did a try. She was very, very close but didn’t have all awnsers correct. So there is no winner and I will keep the color for my self hahaha ?.

And the correct awnsers are...

1. Naomi Vangestel


2. Therese Sundström


3. Debbie Hehanussa


4. Elle Sees


5. Jo Wickens


6. Nataliya Al-ta’ai


I really love all the pictures of their nails or of their nails that they have sculptured.

I will try to make more time in January to blog. Sorry for being so bad with doing that this month. There is a lot of new and fun stuff that will be happening. We have a new spring collection coming, a new top coat that I’m dying for to get and I can’t wait to show and tell you all about it !!! ☺️

A lot will change in my nail studio, the agenda is almost full and I’m hopefully going to spend a lot of time educating in a new academy that is opening. I’m really looking forward to that.

I wish you all a wonderful day. Thank you for reading and wisiting the blog!

Till next time, XoXo Ivana

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