The Great Scratch Shoot Out

The Great Scratch Shoot Out is starting NOW!

This is so exiting. Scratch Magazine is organising The Great Scratch Shoot Out and this year we gave it a try. Check it out HERE.

I’m a big fan of Ilona, she’s a awesome photographer and I love her work. So I decided to ask her if she wanted to do a competition with me. And how lucky was I, she was in for it. As awesome as she is, she knows a great MUA and arranged a model, so we had a great team in a short time.

7th of august we all met up for the shoot. Our vision was to have a romantic theme. Everyone did their magic and it was so much fun. It was warm that day, very warm! It must have been one of the most warmest days this summer. But we made it haha.

The hard work was after the shoot, Ilona spended so much hours on the photo with the red nails. So we decided to get some help with the retouch for the photo with the flowers (@retouchcenter). I’m more then happy with the results and how the photos turned out. I’m so proud of us all. This is my first time to do something like this and our first time as a team. It really could’nt have ended up better.

I’m really so thankful! A big, thank you to Ilona, Leanne and Senna for wanting to do this! You girls are awesome! 

And here are our entries for The Great Scratch Shoot Out:

📸: Ilona Teunissen Fotografie

💄:  Senna Cobben

👸🏼:  Leanne Haan 

If you would like to vote for us, please klick HERE.

Thank you for reading about The Great Scratch Shoot Out!

I want to wish all the other competitors goodluck! May the best photo win hihi 😍.

XoXo Ivana

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