I feel it was a long time ago, so I want to update you.

Time is flying and we are already in the middle of May. It feels like it just was winter. But I have to be honest and say that I really enjoy the long days and the sun. We really had some beautiful days and I hope it will continue.

The update will start from the beginning of the year till now but it will not only be about me. I also want to show you some really nice inspiration and a few new stuff that is coming from CND™. So let’s begin 😊.

In the beginning of the year we had workshops in Goes again. It was not that busy as the fist time. But it did not bother at all, it was cozy and it felt like the ladies got a bit of a “private” classes. It gave me more time to show and tell more. I really enjoyed it. We only took one pic from the ladies from the last workshop, but it’s better then nothing hihi.

Then I went to Sweden. I had the best time, as always. 12 short days that went faster then ever but it was so good. I spended a lot of time with my family and friends and after  a week my partner joined me. We ate a lot hahahaha, a lot of shopping and I went on a private training wich was more the amazing. I learned so much and I got so inspired from the educator. My dear friends did also surprise me, with an amazing lunch. I’m still living on that. Definitely one on the best days of my life. The trip was just amazing and if I had a time machine I would so go back hahahaha.

Later on we did the trade show in Brussels, I already told you about it but if you did miss it you can read about it HERE. My dear friend and colleague Dionne, got a new job so she stopped working for BeautyXL. For selfish reasons I’m sad but I’m really happy for her and wish her the best with the new chapter in her life. This was our last job together and now when thinking about the time we had, I miss her even more.

To take a pause from what I have done, I wanted to show you some pics from the Revlon Style Masters. CND™ had the honor to design nails for the product launch of Amazonia from Revlon Professional and ofcourse was Team CND™ there and did their magic. Debbie and Nataliya are in the Team CND™. You maby remember them from the Nail Philosophy IV December Special ?! They delivered again as always 😍. Revlon Style Masters was in Brussels, I have seen so much pictures and a girl from Sweden that is a hairdresser and blogger was there. She posted a blog post and it looked soooo amazing. I have to be honest, I really wished I could have been there to see the show. Not jealous at all hahahaahaha. 

I find it sooo cool, they rock !!! 😍

For the ones that are not in the nailworld, Do you remember Sascha Gossen ?! She is amazing and does a lot of nail art and she is posting pictures of fashion inspired nail art. It’s so fun to see all her work! She is awesome and the pictures are as well. I spotted this picture a while ago and I just love it !!!

Going back to what i have been doing. In april i went on a private course at La Lique cosmetics in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. I wanted to start with Lash Volume Lift and my dear friend and colleague Sharon gives the classes so it was super fun to get do the course there and also see where she works and lives. Our dear friend and colleague Jolanda joined us, she was my model and what a model. Her eyelashes are just perfect, long and thick. Well the result was just perfect !!! 😍 We had a small reunion. We saw how Sharon lived. It was really beautiful and the city Alkmar was super cozy. They also had a super nice surprise for me and bought me dinner. I was crying and so touched. Thank you girls. You are amazing and I really wish that you lived closer.

Jolanda is opening her new salon and a CND™ Academy. I wish her the best and all the succes in the world ❤.

Going back to LVL, I’m so happy I did that and I love doing it. It gives such a nice and natural result. It’s fun to try something new in the beauty branch.

I have ofcourse been busy with working in my salon and to not make this post to long I will stop now. But before I stop, here is a sneak peek of what is coming 😃.

They are coming out next month, and I can’t wait 😍. We will get this matching shades:
“Married to the Mauve” in SHELLAC™
“Rose Bud”, “Nude Knickers”, and “Satin Pajamas” in VINYLUX™. A new collection is coming so stay tuned! 😉.

Thank you fore reading. I hope you enjoyed the update. Have a lovely week!

Till next time, XoXo Ivana

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Lash Volume Lift

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Estetika March 2017

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CND™ Rhythm and Heat Collection

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CND™ New Wave Collection

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