Have you seen the amazing design’s from CND™ at NYFW ?!

They did it again, so much beautiful and amazing designs as always at New York Fashion Week. The CND™ Lab Team were working day and night. And they made the designs amazing !!! If you missed it, here comes a bomb with pictures hihi.

Here are some amazing designs for LIBERTINE by the CND™ Design Lab Team.




Guess what next years collections will be like ??? 😉 *hint hint* hahaha. They are awesome. Like I have no words. The Runway nails are sooo cool. Year after year CND™ are always delivering the best !!!

Then we have the amazing art work made by CND™ for Alice + Olivia by Stacy Brande,


I’m really looking forward spring and summer 2017 after this. Last week I went on a convention in Utrecht and there were presentations from Debbie, Sascha and Tracey Lee. All of them ware fantastic !! Debbie told us all about CND™ at NYFW. It was so fun to see and hear all about it. Also to see the creations that she did there. It was really wow !! A fun fact that she told then, is that they set the trends 2 till 2 and a half year before. Did you know that?!


The nails are really the cherry on top of the cake. Beautiful nails are a accessory that can’t be left out. I love everything from the both designers. With the Alice + Olivia collection I’m really drawn to the sunglasses. They are soooo beautiful. But then I have a thing for sunglasses hihi.

Check out CND™ at NYFW on their website if you’re interested in seeing much more beautiful pictures and two of their super nice videos. Click on the pink to go directly to the pages: LIBERTINE and then we have Alice + Olivia by Stacy Brande 

What do you think of CND™ at NYFW and all the designs?!

XoXo Ivana

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