Leukonychia spots

Leukonychia spots is the White spots that some people have on their nails.


Why do they appear on the nails is a big question ?? The most common thing that people think that it’s a lack of calcium or zinc. Poor all the children that have been forced to drink a lot of milk for that reason hahaha. When that is totally is a myth !!

A while a go I wrote a bit about what the matrix is and what’s happening there, if you missed it you can read it HERE. The common cause is that the matrix get exposed to trauma, like a smal injury. That can be a impact for example or some other damaging force. So temporarily in that area, the nail cells can’t properly mature. So these cells will remain in the round and white state and will not flatten and become translucent which they normally do. The injury happens weeks befor we can see the Leukonychia spots. This white spots will grow out and with the nail growing we will file it away and it will not return unless the matrix is exposed to trauma again.

 “Normally” it’s more common to see Leukonychia spots on children, because they use their hands in a different way, caused by playing. Ofcourse some adults also have it. It’s totally not dangerous. I often say: – See your nails as Juwels and don’t use them as tools hihi 😉 .  Accidents can ofcourse happend but if you have this now and then or regularly, you are probably to rough and are using your nails as tools.

Did you think Leukonychia spots appeared because of lack of calcium or zinc ?!

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