My first Workshop

Yesterday 26th September was a very special day, I had my first workshop as a CND™ EA.

It was so much fun and I loved it !!! My first workshop was in Goes in the Nederlands. Dionne organised everything for our clients in Zeeland.

The day started early, I left home a bit befor half seven and ofcourse it was a traffic stop as usual in Belgium. But this time it was not normal. We ware standing still and nothing was moving. This road normally takes 30min, this time it took one and a half hour. So I was a bit nervous that I would not be in time. Luckily it went perfect after that I passed Antwerpen. I was there in time and could unpack and set everything without stress so it was great. I really hate traffic jams, it’s such a waist of time. Enfin!

We started the day with Secrets of Succes. Secrets of Succes is all about CND™ SHELLAC™. Later on we had, Show your colors and Stamping nail art basics. The groups of lady’s that came were amazing. I’m so proud of them. They did a great job and it was really a pleasure to meet them all. They said that they learned a lot which is the most important thing and why we are there. I wish that I had taken a picture of all the beautiful creations that they made to show you.


A big thank you to all the lovely lady’s that joined us in Goes. I hope to see you soon.

Thank you to Dionne, I’m looking forward to see you soon. We will be at the Estetika convention in Brussels the 8 till 10th October with other CND™ colleagues.

Hope to see you there ?! ;-D


Thank you for reading. I will try to be better with updating the blog.

Till next time!

XoXo Ivana

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