Eponychium vs Cuticle

Lets talk about the, Eponychium vs Cuticle…

So I’m going to tell you a little bit more about the Eponychium and the Cutticle. You can find it easily in the picture.


As it says in the picture the Eponychium is often called Cuticle. I can honestly say that I often say it my self, which is fault. Why I say that, is because I don’t want to speak Chinese to the clients and don’t want to make it confusing. I feel like I often speak in terms and sometimes I get the impression that it dose not matter haha.

So what is then the difference with the Eponychium and the cuticle?!

Eponychium: is the skin, the living tissue. It’s there to protect the Matrix from infections and bacterials. So if the skin is attached to the nail plate it’s still the Eponychium.

Cuticle: is non living tissue that is attached directly to the nail plate.

I often see/hear about people cutting in the living tissue, or that nailtechnicians are doing that and that’s a BIG NO NO !!! !!! Now I’m speaking about the Eponychium and it’s different if there is a “hang nail” that have to “go away”. But what I often see is that people cutt it for no reason what so ever. Because they think that it looks “nicer” and that makes my stomach turn. I can totally understand if you don’t know better but if you are a nail technician doing this to your clients then I’m really questioning your education and knowledge.

As I wrote the Eponychium is there to protect the Matrix. You can read about the Matrix HEREThe Matrix produces the nail cells and the Eponychium protects the area from bacterias and infections. So never cutt the Eponychium or let anyone do it on you for that matter. Now I’m not talking about taking away a hang nail ( I’m talking about when they go fully from one side to the other). Since it’s living tissue, when cutting or if damaging it, the Eponychium will grow thicker. It grows thicker to protect itself and its called overgrown of the Eponychium (not cuticle). It’s common that the Eponychium often cracks or peels or becomes dryer during cool seasons or overexposure of “bad and strong chemicals” and it’s the Eponychium that can bleed if it’s cutted to much. 

The Cuticle on the other side will not grow thicker by removing it. Because it’s a dead tissue. Therefore it will not bleed, it’s detached from the living skin and attached to the nail plate.

I know there are country’s like Russia and other Baltic country’s where this is a must. BUT this is so wrong !!! If you hear someone in a salon talking about a Russian manicure, run ? Hahaha !!! They should know better and if they don’t know better. Now you do ? !!!

So please take care of your Eponychium and cuticles. Use a good nail products so you can have a beautiful Eponychium and don’t grow thicker skin.

As I wrote in the other post That I recommend the products from CND™ :

CuticleEraser™ micro-exfoliates cuticles with a rich, creamy blend of alpha-hydroxy acids that effectively moisturises cuticles and helps prevent hangnails. And SolarOil™ It’s a Synergistic blend of natural light oils and vitamin E. It protects your skin and nails. It contains Jojoba oil which is a deeply penetrating oil, Rice Bran oil and Sweet Almond oil that are moisturising and Vitamin E that is anti-aging.

Use them together twice a day and you will have healthy, beautiful nails, eponychium and cuticles. So please don’t cutt (or bite) the Eponychium or let anyone else cutt in the living tissue of yours. A Nailtechnician with a good education knows when it can be cutted and not.

If you are a Nailtechnician reading this and you feel like you need a update or just want to know more about the hand and nail anatomy / diseases. A big recommendation is to follow Doug Schoon and look up a good educatior that is specalised in the factor.

Did you know this?! I hope you find the information interesting.

Have a lovely evening! Till next time !!!

XoXo Ivana

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