Nail polish Good or Bad to use ?!

So the big question is, is Nail polish Good or Bad to use ?!

… and to be brutally honest there is a lot of bullshit out there.

I have told you all about Doug Schoon before. He is a scientist and everything you need to know and that is important to know, he will give you the answers to. What he will give is pure facts and no bullshit. You can follow him on Facebook or click HERE to come to his website if you are interested.

When we come to this theme, i have read and heard the most weardest comments from people. Like, – “I used a nail polish and after that my nails got ruind” or that ” nailpolish dried out my nails” etc. Which is impossible and the fact is that a lot of people assume to much from “hearing” stuff from others without having or knowing real facts.

One of the biggest myths is, “that the nails need to breathe”.

Nails do NOT breathe.

I wrote about this before. If you missed it and are interested you can read about it HERE.


The other thing that is even more insane, is when you read articles where people are writing and saying that nail polish gives cancer and some other stupid things. Which I find disgusting. To scare people and give false information for some stupid marketing achievement is not okej.

I found this comment from Doug Schoon on he’s Facebook and I took the liberty to copy he’s comment and I want share it with you. He wrote:

– “I certainly don’t mean to put anyone down, but I have been asked about this numerous times and have commented more times than I can count. I LOVE questions,keep asking them… but this one surprises me. Please help me to understand why people don’t see this as blatantly obvious bull crap. If you stop and think about it, isn’t this obviously untrue?

In my view, it is so OBVIOUSLY ridiculous that I am surprised people can’t tell this is overly exaggerate to the point that this is fake news. Does ANYONE know ANYBODY that these things have happened to because they wore nail polish? I don’t and millions wear nail polish every day, and do so safely. I’ve been asking for years, where is the evidence that nail polish is unsafe? There is no evidence that these things happen at all, let alone after 10 hours. It’s OBVIOUSLY untrue. Nail polish has been worn for more than 80 years and I don’t hear about doctors treating nail polish disease or illnesses. Nor has there been an increase in hospital admissions due to nail polishes. That’s why I say this should be obvious. The truth is “self-evident” that nail polish is safe What does it take to prove something is safe, if 80+ years of safe use and rarely any problems doesn’t convince people? This whole issue has now moved to beyond ridiculous, in my view.”

So the easiest and shortest answer is that it’s GOOD to use nailpolish. Nail polish dose not harm your nails. It is the other way around, it protects your nails.

The key elements of strong healthy nails are:




Well enough said about this theme, I think that you got the point. One tip though, when buying a nail polish, avoid nail polish that contains this ingredients:

Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Phthalates (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Xylene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK). These ingredients are not good for the nails.

To use nail polish or materials on your nails is actually better for your nails because it gives you protection. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that can have an experience “that it ruind their nails”. But to make that clear, the nail polish or the materials will not ruin your nails. The most common reason why people get this feeling is improper removal or overfiling. But what also is a fact is that people forget, it’s a bit as hair extensions. When you start doing the treatment and then when you have your enhancements for a year for example. You get used to it and the strength. If you then go back to have natural nails it will be a totally different feeling because a natural nail will not have the strength that you have with materials.

So when using nail polish or materials, do not pick it off but remove it in a correct way. With nailpolish that’s easy but with materials contact your Nailtechnician for help !!! 


Suddenly we are talking about something different and to be honest I thing this post is long enough so I will stop 😀 . The next post will be about dry, splitting, peeling nails. So we can clear up why the nails get those problems 🙂

What was your opinion about nail polish before reading this ?! 

I hope you learned something from this post. Thank you for reading about “Nail polish Good or Bad to use”.

XoXo Ivana

  • This is so interesting! What are your thoughts on nail polish remover? A family friend had acetone in her blood stream from using it so often, which makes me not want to paint my nails as often. Personally, my nails look better when I don’t wear nail polish every day, but that could be for a variety of reasons. I love nail polish too much to ever give it up completely 🙂

    • Hi Sweety!

      I’m a bit shocked that I still get shocked with some things I hear 😀 haha.. I feel like I want to give you a professional awnser so I asked a college of mine, Wendy that is a EA for help since she is professionalised in hand/nail autonomy, sickness and the science. So here is the awnser I gor for, her:

      -“It is possible they found aceton in her body, because a human body produces aceton.
      By breathing out, aceton leaves our body. That aceton enters the body with nailpolish remover is not possible.
      The nail does not take in other substances very easily, so aceton will not come in the body like this and the time that the nailpolish remover has contact with the nail, is so shortly. So this story is not true.”

      When it come to removers I would recommend to buy a good remover and not use pure acetone. I choose to work/use with the remover from CND™ Offly Fast™. It contains macadamia oil to not dry out the nails.

      The feeling you can have comes from the seasons of the year and not the nail polish. As always in the colder periods our nails, skin, hair more or less everything gets dryer. That’s why it’s really important to prevent that and get the routine and use a nail oil! As we use body lotion etc we also need to take care of the nails.

      When polishing your nails (if you use a traditional nail polish), DON’T forget a Basecoat! Very important and unfortunately a lot of people skip that moment.

      So no worries, just polish your nails and be happy. 😀

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