Dry, splitting and peeling nails

So here we go, Dry, splitting and peeling nails.

The first thing I want to say, is that it’s never black and withe with nails and that it’s very important to remember and to have in mind.

I wanted to do a long and very deep post but I changed my mind and I will try to keep it short but give the most important facts.

I have done a post in the past and if you have read them we know that nails are dead cells except from the Lunula. If you missed the post, you can read it HERE .

The basics of the natural nail plate. 

We all have different quality of our nails. Some have perfect healthy nails, some have hard, weak, flexible, brittle, dry nails. However, what also matters is life and how we take care of our nails and hands. What makes a difference is also Summer vs Winter, water, cleaning products, poor nutrition, ticks, stress, improper care, lack of moisture, lack of oil, trauma, internal problems etc.

Young vs Old, start to take care of your nails and hands in time. Do it before it’s to late and that is a matter with everything, hair, skin, ripples, our teeth etc. We have to take care of us now, in preventive purpose. Water is also tricky for us, too little water gives dryness but too much water gives swelling and delamination.

So what can we do to keep our nails healthy and prevent to get dry, splitting and peeling nails ?! And there is a lot we can do. Here comes some tips and tricks.

First of all, one of the most important things is oil !!! That’s something I always nag about. You have to have a good balance of water and oil and the oil protects your nails from the water witch makes it water resistant. So why is oil so important ?! It plasticize, seals, lubricates and waterproofs and if the oil contains vitamin E, then it’s anti-aging.

Im a big fan of CND™ SolarOil™. The main ingredients are these. What is very important to remember when buying a oil is to choose a oil that contains small molecules so it can penetrate down the nailplate.


So please use your nail oil at least two times a day !!! That will prevent your nails from dry, splitting and peeling nails. If you need a boost, then I recommend to use RescueRXx™. 

Some other tips are, think about how you are using your nails and hands! Treat your nails as jewels and do not use them as tools. Do not use your nails as a shoe spoon. Don’t poke under your nails with sharp things (or your nails). Always use gloves when gardening, doing housework or washing dishes and again. Eat healthy. Use your nail oil daily! 

We learn to brush our teeth as children so that comes automatically. It’s always hard to get new habits but it’s important to just do it and it will come from it self. As I said in the beginning, it’s not black or white with nails. Be honest to yourself and think about all the facts. What kind of nails do I have and how do I use them. That a always a good start. When you need help, treat your self with a manicure and ask a nail stylist for help with a nail analysis but be honest and have in mind that we sometimes also do stuff that we are not always aware of what we do.

Dont forget the Key to strong healthy nails: 



Did you learn something from this post ?!

Thank you for reading about dry, splitting and peeling nails. This weekend it’s time for Estetika again. I’m really looking forward to. You can find us at the Intermedi stand.

Hope to see you there !

XoXo Ivana

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